Your Cop Show idea is crap.

Yeah, yeah you’ve got the perfect network pitch for a cop show ever concocted. You used the they fight crime generator endlessly to generate the perfect ethnically and world-view-opposed team up ever seen. You’re thinking your idea makes The Wire seem like Elmo’s World. Whatever dude. It’s all shit compared to this:

Guerilla Group 8 : ???????????

This Japanese cop show was built around Mitsubishi’s current car line up, so you know it’s good.  Basically it looks like the guys at Mitsu paid the film crew to blow up a bunch of Toyotas, and drive their showroom floor around looking  1980’s good (in the early 90’s mind you).

It had all the right goods to promote it. You could never hope to reach the level of brand-synergy that this show had… show why bother trying? Just give it up and go back to your Bromantic Comedy because that genre still doesn’t have it’s perfect creation just yet.

Why does Nortega care? No reason beyond the fact that I own a set of the super cool and rare Volk Group C rims pictured below on the gullwing-doored Mistubishi Starion… and would like to have the toy gun and badge set even further down.