three m42 lenses in one motion test

Ok, here’s a three in one (with anamorphic bonus):

Motion test : Super-Tak 1.9/85, 2/55, & CZJ 2/50 from nortega on Vimeo.

Carl Zeiss aus Jena : Pancolar 2/50
Super-Takumar 1.9/85 & AG-LA7200 Anamorphic adapter
Super-Takumar 1.9/85
Super-Takumar 2/55

All shot as flat as possible (unlike last test) with no color correct to help spot CA problems, which is painfully obvious with the Panasonic anamorphic attachment. So somebody sell me a damn Iscorama already.

Also didn’t use a steady rig this time and these are tiny lenses so there’s shake, and the reasoning behind the bizarre counting stations audio is left up to your own imagination.

End result is I think these all achieve a similar balance to the look. The Pancolar has a little more separation between the foreground and background plane to me, but I think I like the Super-Taks better… still thinking.

Test stills (color corrected):



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  1. Jake

    My vote is for the Super-Takumar 2/55 and the Zeiss. That anamorphic adaptor seems to smudge and blur everything to hell but there’s definitely some nice character and sharpness in the above mentioned.

    Sep 16, 2009 @ 7:06 am