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M09 : Art Direction

Some of the unused designs from the new version of the Japanese Nintendo game M06, that then became Jam Sessions DS from Ubisoft. Had a great time working on those versions that it was natural that I’d be excited to work on the next version. Here are some of the extra design packages that went unused in the final:

Lupin the 3rd : Art Direction + Character Design

Here’s a passion project that’s been under wraps for a bit, but we’re able to make it semi-public now. If you’ve followed the exploits of my studio we’ve done some work on the Lupin franchise before.  Here’s a slight taste of some of the design work for a new film that takes place in the near future as Monkey Punch’s beloved characters have aged a fair bit. Oh, and yes… they all ride bikes at the end during a climatic chase… but you could have guessed that.

JiJ : BG Design

An establishing background for the Joe is Japanese series. Fun colors and even better Oden shops. Click image for larger size:

Taco the Town : John Oates talks about J-Stache

Come on, look how into the show John is. He wants to do this. Dave Attell is genius. We’ve got great writers. We’ve got ALL the H&O music. It’s a no-brainer. Wise up and get out the greenlight checkbook for fuck’s sake.

IF A NETWORK DOESN’T PICK UP THIS GAWDAMN SHOW UP SOON… I WILL SHOOT A PUPPY. A cute, furry puppy will meet the business end of a .38 caliber bullet.


Really, Oates is a total bad-ass.

He’s got stories.

Listen to him introduce this song.

Then listen to him play.

Then listen to the whole room,

then the world,

then the very fabric of space & time

sing along with him:

Network heads, remember what Jack Donaghy says, “Never ignore Synergy.”