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Anamorphic playground

Things are about to get real serious around here. Wider than my ass serious…

Iscorama : Day one

Some early test shots with the new (to me… despite being highly sought after and damn near impossible to find) Iscorama 50. It’s also known as the Iscorama 36, as you can remove the front anamorphic adapter from the m42 nodal lens mount, and attach it to any 49mm ring. Problem is there is a large rear flange so need a deeply recessed front element 50mm focal length lens to put it on. A Nikkor 50/1.8 does the trick but it is such a cheap plastic lens that it shifts a little during the front Isco adapter’s focusing. So I’ll probably be replacing that with a more robust lens soon.

One other little bit, the DOF of the Isco is insanely deep. The out of focus areas can be pushed with a diopter (also called a close up filter). I’ve only got a +1, right now which is allowing for focus of about 2-6 feet. I really need to find a 72mm +.5 diopter, but so far no one seems to make one. Holler at me if you know where I can find one.

Anyway here is my test to see if the hunt was worth it. To have comparison footage, I threw a Nikon 28/2.8 on there to replicate the FOV that you get after un-stretching the anamorphic footage. I only did one side by side shot, and I’ll do more elaborate tests later. This was just the night after receiving the lens. So guess which shots are the Isco anamorphic mounted to a 50mm and which shots are just a 28mm with a letterbox crop. If you can’t guess then maybe the price of the Iscorama’s might drop a little:

Iscorama Day one tests from nortega on Vimeo.

Krasnogorsk-3 shoulder mount mod

Thought maybe some one (namely the Canon 5d mk2 owners) would want to see this. I took my old Krasnogorsk-3 shoulder mount and ground off the two small mounting tabs to the inverted hand grip. I then took a quick release tripod mount I had laying around and glued in a little no slip foam to space it out. Lock tight now. Shoulder stock is extend-able and with the Z-Finder this is probably better than the larger shoulder mount systems I’ve been operating with. At least in cramped spaces. It balances the weight of the 5D rather nicely. Shown here with an Iscorama 36 on a cheap plastic nikkor 50/1.8.



It’s my CCCP tactical shooter.