Taco the Town : John Oates talks about J-Stache

Come on, look how into the show John is. He wants to do this. Dave Attell is genius. We’ve got great writers. We’ve got ALL the H&O music. It’s a no-brainer. Wise up and get out the greenlight checkbook for fuck’s sake.

IF A NETWORK DOESN’T PICK UP THIS GAWDAMN SHOW UP SOON… I WILL SHOOT A PUPPY. A cute, furry puppy will meet the business end of a .38 caliber bullet.


Really, Oates is a total bad-ass.

He’s got stories.

Listen to him introduce this song.

Then listen to him play.

Then listen to the whole room,

then the world,

then the very fabric of space & time

sing along with him:

Network heads, remember what Jack Donaghy says, “Never ignore Synergy.”