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Random R-D1 snaps with Russian Glass from 1959 (Jupiter 3 & 12 ). Click thumbnail for big size and slide show:

Stuffed with Crap

Not since cakewrecks baby: Crappy Taxidermy

How Much Are You Packin?

I wanna have a pint with agency guys that championed this one. “Just sayin'”

Street Love

If you have to ask about these… you don’t want to know.

R-D1 with CV 21/4 (terrible low light lens btw) shots (click one to start slide show):

Epson R-D1 : Day One

So I finally found an affordable Epson R-D1.  That’s a digital rangefinder camera. What’s fun is you can easily trick people into thinking it’s a film camera. It definitely is a challenge to use, but pushes the way you think about framing… and unmistakably makes you more deliberate in your clicks. One real bit of odd history with this camera is that it was announced in 2004, and subsequently has been released twice more (R-D1s & R-D1x) without ANY UPDATES to the taking sensor! It is a cult classic for that reason alone.  Read about the R-D1 here in an early article.

Anyway, been snapping some stuff with it. Here are some early shots (click one to start slide show):

Your Cop Show idea is crap.

Yeah, yeah you’ve got the perfect network pitch for a cop show ever concocted. You used the they fight crime generator endlessly to generate the perfect ethnically and world-view-opposed team up ever seen. You’re thinking your idea makes The Wire seem like Elmo’s World. Whatever dude. It’s all shit compared to this:

Guerilla Group 8 : ???????????

This Japanese cop show was built around Mitsubishi’s current car line up, so you know it’s good.  Basically it looks like the guys at Mitsu paid the film crew to blow up a bunch of Toyotas, and drive their showroom floor around looking  1980’s good (in the early 90’s mind you).

It had all the right goods to promote it. You could never hope to reach the level of brand-synergy that this show had… show why bother trying? Just give it up and go back to your Bromantic Comedy because that genre still doesn’t have it’s perfect creation just yet.

Why does Nortega care? No reason beyond the fact that I own a set of the super cool and rare Volk Group C rims pictured below on the gullwing-doored Mistubishi Starion… and would like to have the toy gun and badge set even further down.

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Guinness : The Perfect Pint

Print & Digital Ad for Guinness served at the Perfect Pint bars in Manhattan. Click for larger size:

… and below is the original photo minus the text & graphics. Click for larger size:

Guinness : St. Patty’s Day

Maybe you’ve seen these hanging around NYC. Not the most well known (or known period) street photog but I do love interacting with interesting people on the street for a few random moments in time. Click image for bigger image:

M09 : Art Direction

Some of the unused designs from the new version of the Japanese Nintendo game M06, that then became Jam Sessions DS from Ubisoft. Had a great time working on those versions that it was natural that I’d be excited to work on the next version. Here are some of the extra design packages that went unused in the final:

Lupin the 3rd : Art Direction + Character Design

Here’s a passion project that’s been under wraps for a bit, but we’re able to make it semi-public now. If you’ve followed the exploits of my studio we’ve done some work on the Lupin franchise before.  Here’s a slight taste of some of the design work for a new film that takes place in the near future as Monkey Punch’s beloved characters have aged a fair bit. Oh, and yes… they all ride bikes at the end during a climatic chase… but you could have guessed that.