12 Hours at MetroCon 2011

Pictures from an Anime convention from either a Epson RD-1 w/ Rokkor 40/2 and Leica M9 w/ Summicron 35/2 v4. Click for bigger n’ slideshow:

Your electric calculator is crap

Get mechanical and add shit even after an EMP blast:

NYC in 36hrs

What did you do on your bender? Click fer biggerer:

Rokkoring the Fungus

Sometimes the horrible growths inside a lens can yield an interesting look. Minolta M-Rokkor 28/2.8 on a M9 clicker fer bigger:

Robbing the weekend away

Stealing a weekend back. Packed light and dirty. Only brought the Epson RD-1 rangefinder and a M-Rokkor 40/2. Great lens, but becomes like a 65mm on the RD-1. Wish I had a thrown a wide in the bag, but I also wish I had a beater Leica M9. Oh well…  Click image to start slideshow:

Rob-in weekend

Your Boots are Garbage

Unless you’re rolling pointy con los Barrio Apache Hyphy Crew:

Looks like this video is down for a bit. Watch here:

Your mechanical pencil is crap

Unless you are rocking this bad-boy:

Shame our animation studio went paperless digital animation process years ago. I’d kill trees all day long with one of these.

Accelerated Lenses? 1/5000th ISO?

Prepare to have your fucking head blow’d off. Well, if you’re a photo geek. Light acceleration with electromagnets. I’ll take one. Analogue is back… in the terabytes.

Fastest Tool to clear yellowed Thorium lenses

Hi all, just wanted to share the absolute fastest way I have found to clear up the yellowing of lenses due to rare earth content. I’ve cleaned up several Takumars and now a 50/2 Wetzlar rigid ‘Cron with this lamp. After witnessing the speed in which it just cleaned up this Leica beauty from 1970, I was compelled to share this technique. For whatever reasons, it is able to clear up the yellowing of lenses  FAST. Like in all of 24 hours. Not a week of sitting in the windowsill trying to harness the sun.

So here’s the secret tool.

The JANSJÖ work lamp from Ikea. Item number 101.287.34

It’s an LED unit, but evidently puts out a highly focused beam of UV light that you can bend down right into the barrel of your lens. Seriously this thing works awesome. I’ve tried other UV bulbs to some good results but still those take days to undo the yellowing of decades of the radioactive breakdown. This lamp will cure it overnight. 2 nights, and you’re back to like new.

Hope this is helpful to someone… other than just Ikea’s lamp sales.

Real reel 2 reel sound.

Hooked up on a Teac A-4300SX for Fates’ Florida animation studios audiophile room today. Great sounding ‘prosumer’ unit. The real find was the old mustachioed guy’s collection of 20+ reels of rare recordings of everyone from Howlin Wolf to Leon Redbone. Sounds awesome blasting out of the DynaKit system.  Keep listening analogue fans; as the ad below says, don’t let the music stop!