Krasnogorsk-3 shoulder mount mod

Thought maybe some one (namely the Canon 5d mk2 owners) would want to see this. I took my old Krasnogorsk-3 shoulder mount and ground off the two small mounting tabs to the inverted hand grip. I then took a quick release tripod mount I had laying around and glued in a little no slip foam to space it out. Lock tight now. Shoulder stock is extend-able and with the Z-Finder this is probably better than the larger shoulder mount systems I’ve been operating with. At least in cramped spaces. It balances the weight of the 5D rather nicely. Shown here with an Iscorama 36 on a cheap plastic nikkor 50/1.8.



It’s my CCCP tactical shooter.

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  1. BayTaper

    Wow man, this has got to be the coolest mount I’ve seen yet. I’d pay some decent money right now if I could get something like that in my hands. Any ideas how to make one of these? I first need to get the old shoulder mount I guess? Did you glue the quick release to the mount?


    Well done…

    Jan 20, 2010 @ 4:27 am

  2. Nortega

    Look on ebay at the Kras-3 kits. They go for <250 USD these days. They often come with a m42 mount 50 and a 135 lens too. Most importantly there is a 77mm x.75 diopter in the kit too that helps out if you own an iscorama too. So you'd get all that plus a cool 16mm camera paperweight… oh yeah and the shoulder mount kit you want too. Flip the diopter to the Isco guys and pick up chicks with the 16mm. Pays for itself…

    Instructions for making it are in the above post. Pretty easy hack actually.

    Jan 20, 2010 @ 4:46 am