Go see this Disney movie…

Look, maybe you’ve heard me spit venom re: the dark, evil rat mouse (or maybe just Celebration Orlando in general) but let’s put all that aside and get down to brass tacks: Someday I’d like to direct a big budget 2D animated, world-wide theatrical release feature, with A-list talent. One of the deciding factors of Nortega ever seeing this pipe dream come true rests with the mouse. Here’s the rub. How this Disney Princess movie performs at the box office is tantamount to the future of 2D theatrical animation. Opening weekend BO was meh. It did better than that Mormon Vampire sequel where maybe something actually happened over the first movie (in my defense I saw it as part of a drinking game)… but it didn’t do Disney’s Pixar numbers (or Pixar’s Disney depending on who you ask). The Princess and the Frog is doing almost less than 1/3 of the last 3D Pixar movie: Up.

So here’s my suggestion. Go see it. Buy a ticket, don’t sneak in… or if you are sneaking into an NC-17 movie, buy a ticket to the first 2D animated Disney film in who knows how many years.  Look, this one’s different from the other Princess movies for several reasons:

  1. It has black people that aren’t horrible racist stereotypes in lead, prominent roles
  2. It has black people that are horrible racist stereotypes in minor, passing roles (just kidding… well… kinda…)
  3. there aren’t a ton of sappy songs
  4. there isn’t a Randy Newman soundtrack
  5. it takes place in good ol’ New Orleans
  6. There is some sweet incidental music (despite points 3 & 4)
  7. There are some frankly amazing effects (especially in simple things like a table cloth texture) and very cool stylized animation segments
  8. it’s not a re-invention of the genre by any stretch… but didn’t you start to miss it when you were told it would never return?

Anyway watch the first 5 minutes in an early stage (some pencil tests & key frame only stuff in this):

The Hakuna Matata of this film:

Some of the sweet style that makes this film unique:
THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG: Almost ThereThese bloopers are hilarious

Yeah sure, it’s the sappy Disney shite we’ve all bitched about before, but you’ll have to admit it’s well done… and honestly, haven’t you missed it? It’s giving animators the work we all desperately need. When it comes to sheer skill, these cats can draw. So support the working animator by supporting the conglomerate and showing the world that 2D animation still has a place. For once I think it’s ok.