street art

8hrs at “Ryusei Matsuri” in Chichibu City, Saitama


Our good friend Koga-san took me to a rocket festival. It evidently was the setting of an anime series. Of course there is an otaku site that outlines how the series emulates the town.  Here is a collection of pics snapped on that day (click for biggerer):

L1005496 L1005489 L1005490 L1005533 L1005499 L1005542 L1005505  L1005507 L1005503 L1005573 L1005519 L1005528 L1005525 L1005567 L1005554 L1005566 L1005568 L1005522 L1005524 L1005520 L1005509 L1005596L1005602


…and a quick video to give you an idea of the spirit. Love this country.

28 hours left

Random R-D1 snaps with Russian Glass from 1959 (Jupiter 3 & 12 ). Click thumbnail for big size and slide show:

Street Love

If you have to ask about these… you don’t want to know.

R-D1 with CV 21/4 (terrible low light lens btw) shots (click one to start slide show):

Guinness : St. Patty’s Day

Maybe you’ve seen these hanging around NYC. Not the most well known (or known period) street photog but I do love interacting with interesting people on the street for a few random moments in time. Click image for bigger image:

Graffiti wit ma lazer!!!

From the boys at Graffiti Research Lab comes this amazing tool. We’ll trade in our Wacon Cintinq’s for those any day… read more about it here.

Walk the Plank!

planksil Bad boy arist, Emil Alzamora, kicks out the latest not-available-in-ikea wall-mount item. Get one before the limited edition of 700,000,000,000 sells out.  Act now!

Seriously, order now before Kanye buys them all! He’s a big fan of Emil’s work. See for yourself.