Street Love

If you have to ask about these… you don’t want to know.

R-D1 with CV 21/4 (terrible low light lens btw) shots (click one to start slide show):

Epson R-D1 : Day One

So I finally found an affordable Epson R-D1.  That’s a digital rangefinder camera. What’s fun is you can easily trick people into thinking it’s a film camera. It definitely is a challenge to use, but pushes the way you think about framing… and unmistakably makes you more deliberate in your clicks. One real bit of odd history with this camera is that it was announced in 2004, and subsequently has been released twice more (R-D1s & R-D1x) without ANY UPDATES to the taking sensor! It is a cult classic for that reason alone.  Read about the R-D1 here in an early article.

Anyway, been snapping some stuff with it. Here are some early shots (click one to start slide show):

Guinness : The Perfect Pint

Print & Digital Ad for Guinness served at the Perfect Pint bars in Manhattan. Click for larger size:

… and below is the original photo minus the text & graphics. Click for larger size:

Guinness : St. Patty’s Day

Maybe you’ve seen these hanging around NYC. Not the most well known (or known period) street photog but I do love interacting with interesting people on the street for a few random moments in time. Click image for bigger image:

Photoshop Frame

photoshopframe Like a photo picture frame on your desk. From designer Irina Blok (creator of the Google Android icon among other sweetness) comes a frame that reminds you of all the retouching of your special someones’ acne you stamp tooled out.

greatest yakitori on earth

Is enjoyed with friends in a place under some train tracks… near a Bic Camera in Ginza (but not Yakitori Alley). There are also an amazing collection of movie posters from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s on every wall. The proprietor is the most cinematic man alive today….

What the hell was the name of this place?



random pics


random pics