Japan for the Uninvited

Here’s a great site for the oddities found in nippon. Fun stuff. Check out:

The Celebrity Cannibal

Alibi Shops

Happening Bars



Uyoku Dantai


Imekura (funny thing is the photo pictured with this one is actually like 3 blocks away from Joe’s place… not that I’ve ever been inside… they had a picture of the room at the display window that Joe spent an entire train ride trying to make me guess what kind of room it was… the name of the place was Totoro so I was imagining something with furry cat busses… )

greatest yakitori on earth

Is enjoyed with friends in a place under some train tracks… near a Bic Camera in Ginza (but not Yakitori Alley). There are also an amazing collection of movie posters from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s on every wall. The proprietor is the most cinematic man alive today….

What the hell was the name of this place?



Ribera Steak House

Here is a photo of the sign of the Ribera Steal Steak House:


There are two types of men in the world: Those who have had a barely cooked steak at Ribera and weak-armed, vegan girls.

Every major fighter of any sort (boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc.) have eaten at this place. Good bluegrass music twangs in through trebley speakers.  Chad Rowan (aka Akebono Tar?) is probably seated near the entrance. You order your cheap (for Japan) steak and by the time it took you to read this sentence; it’s ready. Backstroking in it’s own bloody juices, you are ready to experience what man has been given incisors for.

Photos hang on every square inch of wall space. Photos of every man who has stepped into a ring to fight for a better understanding of himself and what his fists are capable of achieving. A youtube video could never give you the smells of this tiny place but here’s one anyway:

Where is this place of legendary man meat? First go to Tokyo, Japan. Ribera is in Higashi Gotanda(12 minutes walk from JR Shinagwa, 5 minutes walk from JR Gotanda, or 2 minutes walk from Takanawadai Station on the Asakusa line). On Sakurada-dori between Takanawadai and Gotanda Stations, next to the Red Baron motorcycle shop.