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Compositing Reel 2015

Nortega is a versatile motion artist with decades of production experience. He can lead crews of talent, or do it all himself. Just put the task in front of him. Here is a collection of compositing & motion graphics work:

Animatic Animation and compositing:

Whiteboard Animation and compositing:

M09 : Art Direction

Some of the unused designs from the new version of the Japanese Nintendo game M06, that then became Jam Sessions DS from Ubisoft. Had a great time working on those versions that it was natural that I’d be excited to work on the next version. Here are some of the extra design packages that went unused in the final:

Lupin the 3rd : Art Direction + Character Design

Here’s a passion project that’s been under wraps for a bit, but we’re able to make it semi-public now. If you’ve followed the exploits of my studio we’ve done some work on the Lupin franchise before.  Here’s a slight taste of some of the design work for a new film that takes place in the near future as Monkey Punch’s beloved characters have aged a fair bit. Oh, and yes… they all ride bikes at the end during a climatic chase… but you could have guessed that.

Fisher King : Character Design

A little sneak peek at a new series I’m art directing. It’s based on the hilarious writings of a post-modern author on a quest to create the greatest novel ever written. These designs are for an episode where the Fisher King goes on Larry King with Steven King. Craziness ensues.

Manga Mouse : Art + Animation Direction

Here’s a taste of the super simple style made for a very young audience to learn both English and Japanese.  This was based on creator Charles Danziger’s fun style that can be found in his book Harvey And Etsuko’s Manga Guide To Japan.

You can watch a taste of the show here:

Halo Anime : Director

Got to direct the first-ever installment of the uber popular video game Halo a little while ago. Had an absolute blast. Made from script to screen at Humoring the Fates with the supa’ wicked awesome cast from Rooster Teeth. Yes, it’s a comedy based on Halo… pretty awesome right?

Watch an episode of the series here or by clicking this image:
halo animation cel animated

Kenny the Shark : Art + Animation Direction

Here are some way back frames from the first episode of the Kenny the Shark spinoff show Kenny’s Home Movies. Maybe this was 2003? Good grief I’m getting old…

JiJ : Chibi Designs

Some fun little takes on the characters in the Joe is Japanese series:

Marlowe the Baby Detective : Creator

Yep. I’m making a children’s book. Be afraid world. Bwa-haha ha ha! It’s kind of an interesting concept and I’m actually excited to find the time to finish the first two installments. Here’s a little taste of some of the art from the first two books:
and then of course if SpaceBalls the movie taought us anything, it was “francising!” So in that spirit (and in the spirit of good storytelling of course) the children’s book parley into an anime series that follows the teenage Marlowe as she solves more robust mysteries… with her friends, dog, & and kick-ass 4×4. Here’s a splash image so you can imagine it:

M09 : Chibi Anime Design

Just a sneak peak at some of the new Nintendo game animation going on at Humouring the Fates. Having a blast doing the art direction for another version of that last guitar game we made… check out our production blog for a history lesson in that 2006 project.

Chaz Bithmore : Creator + Art + Animation Direction

Here’s some frames from the test animation of my personal passion project:

Rocket Racers : Creator + Art Direction

Here’s a little show I worked up that was a few parts mixed of Speed Racer, Iron Eagle, A-Team, Air Wolf, hell any cool 1980’s TV shaken and poured over solid rocket fuel.  We pitched the show as a Tie in to the Rocket Racing League and hopefully one day soon we can get this show into production. Could be fun. Would have loved to show the Vehicles in this spread but they’re under lock and key for right now. In the meantime you can watch the released video below and imagine what they’re like to fly. Pure Awesome-sauce.

Marvel Anime : Art Direction

Some sneak peaks of some of the new Marvel & 20th Century Fox materials we’ve been doing over at Humoring the Fates. Always fun to work on stuff like this. Click for larger sizes (they pop up instantly):

And a little tiny animation teaser to go along with this stack, you might remember a scene like this from the Wolverine : Origins film :

JiJ : BG Design

An establishing background for the Joe is Japanese series. Fun colors and even better Oden shops. Click image for larger size:

Hello Kitty has no mouth

And yet she must scream… built for the upcoming Joe is Japanese series, here is a little collection of some of the cute characters that have no mouths… but lead Koga-san to madness as the producers keep giving him notes about “the characters’ dialogue not being believable.” It’s funnier in context of course. Here are some of the designs of those adorable little sprites.

The Fates’ Crew Bikes : a study

We’re a bunch of avid bikers here at my studio. Both with pedals and without. Here was a study into the bikes (without pedals) of the studio and their owners… as they appear when riding with Nortega.

…and a couple of the cars and their respective animators too…

Spike TV : Art Direction

Another oldie but a goodie, from the Spike TV campaign we did with Curious Pictures: