This is the main site dedicated to the legend of Nortega. Arguably the craziest director of traditional animation left alive. Until he fakes his death again…

Nortega’s biography is sketchy at best.

What is clear is the man’s creedo his entire crew follows. Some even carve the following into their chests:

His Fates Crew‘s style is predicated on a focus in traditional technique. They don’t cheat tweens, they don’t drop detail, and they don’t rely on vectors or bones to hold our hands. They are strong. They draw every frame, hardcore, but do it using every advantage that the digital environment allows.

Once, Nortega stood atop a burning 1972 Chevy Nova and told us this:

Fuck techniques that simply don’t have analogues in reality. Or keep them. Fight dirty, but fight hard. Too many modern production houses seem to be looking for excuses to cheat the process: drop frames, auto-tween, oversimplify, anything they can do to draw as little as possible. Instead we take advantage of the studio’s resources and tech to do much of the same things that animators had been working  for nearly eight decades past, but we do it faster and with greater flexibility.

Get animated, for tomorrow we die!