A series of tubes

Say there baby, do you like smooth music? What say you take that fine dress off over at my place. What kind of music? Oh babycakes, we’ll listen to some good music. Warm and inviting like your lady parts no doubt are right now, thinking about how tonight will end. My tubes are all powered up and ready…


Seriously though, no other way to listen to music. You get to hear songs for the first time again.

Especially in this age of ippyPods and Mpeger3 players. You see, the digital waveforms of today’s music files are aliased (look like stair steps) and the analogue tubes act like a sharpening and then a smoothing filter to restore some of the tonal qualities back into your music.

There’s a growing market segment of ipod docks that have tube pre-amps, drivers, and amps built in, to help warm up and make digital music good.  Check out this rundown of the Top 10 tube amps for your iPod from DVICE.