Compositing Reel 2015

Nortega is a versatile motion artist with decades of production experience. He can lead crews of talent, or do it all himself. Just put the task in front of him. Here is a collection of compositing & motion graphics work:

Animatic Animation and compositing:

Whiteboard Animation and compositing:

48hrs at the 2012 TampaAm

Another fun round of shooting at the world’s greatest amateur skateboarding contest. I was trying out a 1955 Rolleiflex 2.8d most of the weekend so I didn’t shoot as much with the M9. Here’s what I did capture on the ol’ Leica tho (click one for bigger and slideshow):



Akihabara Boxkeepers

The tiny little shops boxes in Akihabara’s electric town are only as strange as the shop box-keepers that run them. Here is a study of the fantastic men and women that power these tiny outlets of the most specialized collections of vacuum tubes, capacitors, led lights, CCD cameras, switches, and other electric needs. Each tiny box is an average of six square feet in size and the boxkeeper usually has the tiniest space in which to operate from. Shot with Leica M9 and a 35 v4 ‘bokeh king’. This is their story, click fer biggerer and slideshow:

72hrs in Weihai

Miami Connection

This revival film is playing at Fantastic Film Fest the same week we are. I must say I’m only a few minutes into watching it as I’m working on some new JiJ pages... and wow… this is just amazing. A era of Florida history captured perfectly on a bootleged VHS. There’s even a little guy that I swear is John Oates… and I should know I’ve worked with him and his mustache before.


Tampa Pro 2012 : the weekend

Another weekend at the SPOT. Here’s Saturday & Sunday. Always a blast with the best skating in world. Live. Here are photos of no one skating. Click fer bigger and slideshow.

Portraits from the 2011 TampaAM

An hour spent at the SPoT spread across two days. Here are some portraits from the weekend. Click fer bigger and slideshow:

21 minutes through FetishCon 2011

…and to the Hub.  On a long stroll through downtown Tampa, I happened upon Fetish Con again (like I had managed a year before). I didn’t really feel up to a prolonged stay this time around, as I was meeting a friend at the Hub.  Next year maybe I’ll be in the mood to shoot more. There’s little escape from the energy that this event creates in that town.  The last few moments of our evening were of the delightful fellow pictured propositioning me and Andy to “Go dancing, if we knew what he mean’d.”  We would then motion to the several 50 dollar bills he spread on the table. Andy repeated and repeated: “The friendly’s wearing off.”

He never really understood that meant “no.”

Click for slideshow:

12 Hours at MetroCon 2011

Pictures from an Anime convention from either a Epson RD-1 w/ Rokkor 40/2 and Leica M9 w/ Summicron 35/2 v4. Click for bigger n’ slideshow:

Your electric calculator is crap

Get mechanical and add shit even after an EMP blast: